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100% Pure Fresh Dried Wholesale Coriander Seed rates

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Coriander is an annual aromatic herb that can reach almost 1 m in height when it blooms. Its round fruits (schizocarps) are usually called “seeds”, but are formed by two fruit or carpels, each containing a seed. both leaves and nuts are used in cooking as a seasoning. Younger leaves have a softer flavour than older leaves, which usually have a fairly strong taste.

Wholesale Coriander Seed

Improves Digestion

Coriander seeds have been used for centuries by Asian peoples. To aid in the treatment of digestive evils such as gas, nausea, poor digestion and abdominal pain. This is due to the properties of coriander to stimulate the body to produce more enzymes and digestive juices, facilitating digestion and preventing the formation of gases.

Coriander also stimulates peristalsis, that is, the movements that facilitate and accelerate the passage of food through the digestive system. This makes coriander a mild and natural laxative.

Another of the benefits of coriander in digestion is to improve the functions of the liver, one of the most important organs for those who need to lose weight.

Wholesale Coriander Seed

The condition of coriander plant growth


Coriander can be grown in a wide variety of climates. Although it does not support low temperatures. Most coriander cultivars grow best if grown in hot climate regions.


you can grow the coriander in sunny places or in partial shade with high luminosity. However, plants that grow in full sun usually have more flavour and aroma than those grown in partial shade.


Cultivate coriander preferably in well drained, moderately fertile soil rich in organic matter. Coriander is a rustic plant, which tolerates various soil conditions well, producing leaves with better flavour and more aroma if cultivated on not very fertile soils.

Irrigate in order to keep the soil always moist when the plant is young, without soil remaining soaked. When the plant is well developed, irrigation should be more spaced. Allowing the soil to dry slightly between irrigations.

Wholesale Coriander Seed

Eliminates heavy metals

We always worry about eating more vegetables. But unfortunately, many of them may be contaminated with heavy metals. Due to the use of certain pesticides. And not just vegetables: some fish, pans and even our water may be contaminating us with heavy metals.

In this situation, coriander can be an ally because it helps to eliminate metals like aluminium, lead and mercury from our body, in a simple and natural way.

In this process, known as chelation, coriander binds to heavy metals that are stored in fat cells. And throws them into the bloodstream, which facilitates their elimination.

Wholesale Coriander Seed

Major selling of coriander seeds

You can coriander seeds use in the preparation of aromatic spices for different foods. And where you can buy in large quantities from sales centres?
One of the uses of coriander seeds is the use of various speciality spices. This coriander seed is fragrant and can give you a great taste and aroma to your dishes. You can buy well-groomed sales centres for a major purchase and import of coriander seeds into your business.

Another curiosity about these seeds is that they use it in many countries for their healing power. In Europe they, call it “anti-diabetic plant”. in India they use them for their anti-inflammatory properties and currently in the USA, they studied on coriander seeds for their ability to lower cholesterol.

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