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coriander seed market in india 2019

coriander seed market in india 2019  is in access.How much do you know about coriander and coriander seeds? How do you know the medicinal plants? Plants have been a long way in human life. And have played an important role in providing human food. Traditional medicine and herbs are about 5000 years old.Use coriander seed market in india 2019 .

The great civilizations in Africa and Rome, and Greece and South America have been familiar with traditional medicine. Medicinal herbs were useful to make supplements and medications. They were also used at religious ceremonies of ancient tribes. Coriander is a wild herbaceous plant from Africa. Which have been taken by immigrant relatives to other parts of the world. For thousands of years, coriander family plants have come from humans. And have been helpful in relieving their illness.

coriander seed market

Coriander Ancient History

In the ancient centuries and ancient times, infectious diseases have been very lethal. It was difficult to deal with pathogens. And herbs were the only remedy. Recognition of medicinal herbs carried out in those ages. People like Hippocrates and Iranian and Roman doctors were investigating this. They tested wild plants. Often dogs, mice and rabbits were useful to test the effects of medicinal herbs. Occasionally, it was the wizards of the tribes. The first of those who experimented on animals for this purpose was the outer Abu Rishan.

Coriander and coriander seeds patrolled in Egypt and Rome. And they knew about its anti-inflammatory properties. The Jews considered it a plant of paradise. Of course, coriander seeds were famous.

coriander seed market


Know the coriander seed market in india 2019

What is coriander plant? Do you know the coriander seeds? Coriander seed is an oil-rich seed protein. It is rich in aromatic and refined oils. Oily oil contains a large amount of sodium, trace element and magnesium. It has a lot of vitamins B1, B2 and B12. It has sodium and manganese. Many elements not found in foods. Therefore, the use of coriander seeds in food is very beneficial.

Most of the rare metals needed in coriander seeds. But the main thing is about coriander seeds. Oily compounds and essential oils in the seeds yolk are very practical. Compounds that not nearly produced by laboratory synthesis. Or their synthesis cost is very high. Coriander seeds are useful in many Central Asian foods. But Indians and Indonesians most interested in using coriander seeds.

coriander seed market

High-quality coriander cultivation

Coriander culture is done in two ways by spraying seeds and in a linear fashion. In the linear planting method, the distance between the rows is 25 to 35 cm. And the bush intervals are 10 to 15 centimeters. This means that about 40 plants per square meter created. Or at least 30 plants per square meter is acceptable. The planting depth should not be more than 2.5 to 3 centimeters. The seeds should be mixed with the soil by the worker. In the best way, seeds are soaked with coriander in the water. Increase germination. In this method, the seeds soaked in cold water for 12 to 24 hours before planting. This can accelerate the growth and germination process. Use coriander seed market in india 2019 .

coriander seed market

Coriander quality is countries

Of course, coriander seeds are also very high in these countries. India and Indonesia are among the first 5 producers of coriander. Indonesia is the fourth nation in the world. High quality coriander seeds are plentiful in India. The quality of coriander seeds produced in Russia, Iran and Turkey is also very good. Russia is the first manufacturer and exporter of coriander seeds . Of course, the quality of coriander seeds in India is very high.

Today we know that the properties of coriander seeds are much higher. And the stems and leaves were useful more often to make juice or food. Stems and leaves of crushed coriander were useful to treat deep wounds. Because it was an antiseptic wound. And it prevents infection. Use coriander seed market in india 2019 .



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