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Low market price Coriander Seeds in rate today

Low market price Coriander Seeds are in access. Coriander is referred to French coriandre la. The origin and the cradle was the cultivation of the eastern coriander, from which they went to the Mediterranean countries and cultivated it.

As Mr. Schlumiz writes in his book. Coriander is almost everywhere in the world. They use it as a vegetable. And commoners believe that this green is cool. And he quits sexual appetite. They slaughter the coriander seeds with sugar and give them after giving birth to pregnant women. And they believe that it will strengthen the general body. Coriander seeds are useful in sweets to make it aromatic and easy to digest.

Coriander strengthens the stomach. It also removes abdominal bloating. Coriander seedlings also have a diuretic effect. And they also use it to boil it. A spoonful of coriander in a cup of boiling water. Which should taken after a meal.

Coriander’s amazing history

In ancient India, the work was different. When the Indians prayed to the gods, they used coriander. They found it in the tombs of the old Egyptian pharaohs. certainly, Coriander seeds have been found alongside the mummified body. And this would mean that the ancient Egyptians considered coriander holy sacred. The people of Israel believed that the coriander was a carnival food. They fed it at the time of immigration.

Hippocrates Hekim used coriander in Greece. Due to the properties used to treat seizures and epilepsy. And because Coriander sleeps quietly. It relieves the pain of the womb. And also eliminates seizures.

Zakaria Razi used coriander . He prescribed it for calming the headache and removing the drunk. According to the latest scientific research on coriander seeds. Coriander seeds was useful to contain essential oils. Which is Corinthrole, which is 90% of its composition. And ten percent of the other is Geranium and Neyn and Cineol and Vertpantin. In the Middle Ages, they treated the sexual weakness with coriander.

Appearance Physiology of Low market price Coriander Seeds

Coriander is herbaceous and one year old. Green Its height reaches up to 100 centimeters. Its leaves appear in two forms. There are those at the base of the stem. And the other along the stem.

One year old. With a stem elongated, grooved and branched. The leaves are alternated and are divided into shoulders. And the upper leaves have cuts. White or pink flowers are compound umbrellas. Which are at the end of the branches.

Fruits are nuggets and are two parts. And before they reach the full, they have an unpleasant smell of smell. The main coriander home is the eastern parts of the Mediterranean and India. This plant is known in ancient Egypt. And used it as medicinal herbs and sacrificial decoration. People use this plant as raw or cooked in food.

The part used is a plant, stem, leaf and fruit. The coriander is yellow and round. The smell is not fresh and smelly. But due to drying, this odor vanishes. And the coriander seeds are perfumed. Even the Latin name of coriander means smelly.

Coriander fatty acids are composed of oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid.  It is also found in vitro A, C, and is also found in dried leaves of coriander.

Coriander seeds many various application

In fact, coriander seeds are useful initially. Powdered. Gray. A variety of products obtained from coriander seeds. Mineral oil is extractable from it. Its essential oil is useful to make natural perfumes and granites. It is also useful for flavoring sweets and chocolates. There are even some sweets with name of Coriander Sweets. It also has some antioxidant compounds. They have a medicinal application.  The ingredients in coriander seeds have a complex composition. Hence, their extraction requires complex processes. Germany, France, Italy and the United States are coriander seeds importers. Coriander seeds also directly converted into powder. And used as a spice and flavoring food. use Low market price Coriander Seeds.

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