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Coriander seeds price in andhra pradesh & chennai

Coriander is one of the most consumed Iranian vegetables consumed with raw or cooked food. This vegetable has a special aroma and taste, and due to its high usage and high quality, it is considered by all Iranian people. All those who suffer from anemia can use this vegetable. Semolina is sold in bulk and can be bought in bulk or packed. Coriander seeds are of high value in food. India is one of the most important producers of coriander seeds in the world, with the exception of countries with high consumption of spices and herbs. The coriander seeds of the century are of good quality in India. India exports its products to all countries of the world. Coriander seed exports are one of the sources of income in India. The coriander seeds price produced in India is about 15 thousand tomans per kg.

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Buyer of coriander seeds in the india

Buyer of coriander seeds

Buyer of coriander seeds are every where. first of all, Coriander is a native plant of southern Europe. From the Mediterranean. In most parts of Asia, you also go. From ancient times. It is even used by Egyptians. Hippocrates knows this plant. It used to treat diseases. In the Middle Ages, they …

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