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wholesale coriander seed price

wholesale coriander seed price in tamilnadu are qualified. What do you know about coriander plant? The plant is more than 3000 years old. Its use has been customary among Egyptian civilization. Hippocrates uses coriander herbs to treat diseases. Some tribes used coriander for the treatment of contagious diseases. Coriander was rubbed into the eyes. To prevent the swelling of the smallpox. The leaves of the coriander plant and its stem contain it. Also, coriander is edible. All parts are edible. Leaves and stems in Asian cuisine. Electricity and its stems contain high fiber content. But not all of this. Coriander also has a fruit. Coriander fruits are coriander seeds that are integrated. Getting together in several eggs. Coriander seeds have a lot of consumption in the world.

wholesale coriander seed price

coriander seed properties

Especially in cosmetic products. Coriander seed extract is useful . Also useful in confectionery. The price is right. However, the properties are still not expensive. Coriander is a mysterious matter of plants. Coriander seed is very fragrant. It also contains carbohydrates and proteins. It contains a lot of it, potassium and calcium. Millions of coriander seeds produces annually. And it flows from Asia to Europe and America. Industry and technology of the West can be in process. Coriander seeds for the West are like gold. As the population grows, the demand for coriander products is increasing. So Russia and other big manufacturers are indispensable. They provide the population with coriander seeds. In addition, a lot of coriander seeds are in India and Pakistan. Coriander is also high in Iran. Egg quality depends greatly on the climate and soil.

wholesale coriander seed price

The effect of planting method on coriander seed quality

What to do to cultivate coriander as a spring product? Autumn is when preparing the ground. Adding 60 to 70 kg N fertilizer is required. 80 to 100 kg of phosphorus oxide is required. And 40 to 50 kilograms of potassium oxide fertilizer is necessary. Add soil to which coriander grows. After adding the required fertilizer to the plant. With proper plowing, they are in a depth of 25 to 30 cm. Plowing is not suitable in the spring. Because it dramatically decreases soil moisture. It reduces seed growth. In the spring, prepare soil for planting. Adding 10 to 15 kg / ha N fertilizer is beneficial. And 15 to 20 kg / ha of phosphorus fertilizer is required. Seeds play a major role in increasing yield. When planting, the soil should be moist. And the ground is smooth. Missing any highs.

wholesale coriander seed price

Appearance of wholesale coriander seed price in tamilnadu

Herbaceous coriander. Without leaves Height 30 to 65 cm. Has a straight stem, clear and more orthopedic. Its leaves are distinctly different. One in the base and divided into fragments with shallow lobes. And toothed. And the other along the stem and has a narrow, jagged string.

Flowers are small, tiny, white or pink. And the complex flower is a composite umbrella. The main umbrella does not have an insulator. But its umbrella has its own appendages. It contains ovaries at home. And his fruit is two nuggets. The coriander used is its fruit. Which is called the grain by mistake. The coriander fruit is composed of two kinds of micharic. And has a nearly spherical appearance. Its color is yellowish. Its surface is blurry. And its smell is unpleasant in a new state. And it looks like a smell of cassis. But gradually this odor disappears. And it is pleasant.  For the cultivation of coriander as a product of autumn. Plowed the ground at the earliest opportunity. That is, after harvesting. After leveling, it is rubbed. And prepare the land for planting. The more these needs provided, the more qualified coriander harvested.

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